Driven by artificial intelligence and human

Founded in 2017, Punctuations is a technology company with a mission to automate the repetitive and mundane from human jobs.
We’ve built AI that can see and respond back at par with humans. We believe in the power of AI to increase human potential.
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Our Values

Why Choose Us

We are a team of developers and data scientists dedicated to applying AI to solve time consuming problems. We constantly innovate, optimize and build highly scalable solutions that add value to our customers

Our Purpose

We exist to solve real world problems using cutting edge AI technologies.

What drives Us

The pursuit to free human time by applying AI to automate the mundane tasks is what drives us. We believe human time is best spent imagining, collaborating and coming up with new ideas.


Our Pioneers

Pascal Nunes


Mukesh Yadav


Anirudha Kore

VP Customer Success